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Making the choice of whether to hire professional movers (and who to hire), local budget movers, or renting a moving vehicle yourself, can even be a daunting task.
  • We are here to help assess your individual situation.
  • We have resources to help you interview potential movers and select the right mover for you.
  • We have tips for getting an accurate estimate and making certain you are properly charged for your move.
  • We have tips and guidelines for a successful move.
  • We have checklists for all those moving supplies you will need.
  • We have packing tips.
  • We have reminder lists for all those things you might need to do at your old location, as well as your new space.
Corporate Moving
At Divine Organization, we can work with you and your staff to streamline your move, reduce costs, minimize downtime, and even look for opportunities for you and your staff to bond as you all move into their new space! Call for a complimentary assessment regarding your company's move.

Whether a company uses Professional Movers, its own staff, or a combination of the two, corporate moves can be costly - in actual costs, company downtime, and even how much the overall effort affects the morale of your staff.

Residential Moving
Moving to a new space is usually exciting and fun. But if you don't have a plan, the move itself can bring chaos and stress to all involved. At Divine Organization, we can help you with that move and then help you to set up in your new home. We can do this by consulting with you and providing tips, checklists, and guidelines to streamline your move or we can do all that plus provide hands-on assistance to be with you each step of the way.

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