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Are you feeling overwhelmed...

By clutter or excess in your home or office? By piles of paper or inability to find something that was "filed?" From "brain overload" - to-do lists that are stuck in your brain or various ones penned on notes and lists that lack priority?
Are you ready for some peaceful order? The kind of order which can bring productivity to a business and calm to the place you call home?

If so, at Divine Organization, we have simple solutions for you.
Does it seem you can't escape chaos in what should be the sanctuary of your own home?

Do you feel you could be more productive if only you were more organized and more focused?
Change involves doing something different than you have before, but change doesn't have to be painful. We make organizing fun; we are not judgmental; and feel safe in knowing all services are completely confidential.

Organization is not about perfection. It's about real solutions for real people in everyday life.

At Divine Organization, our goal is not only to get you more organized - it is to inspire you to BE more organized!

Kat Jacoby and her company supply products and provide organizing services for businesses and individuals in the Texas Hill Country, San Antonio, Austin, and surrounding areas. Kat is an entertaining speaker who inspires her audiences by combining humor and storytelling to encourage them to live a more purposeful life.

"I first retained Kat to assist me with organization of my personal files and records and later worked with her to organize my professional and work related affairs. I recommend her highly as one who can engage on any organization project and 1) listen to fully understand your needs and then 2) execute to make your requirements a reality. Kat's a doer. She's a great personal organizational strategist with a real-world understanding of how to tactically deliver on her ideas and recommendations. Highly recommend." Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity.

- David Pedregon

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